Mrs Marks' Honors Gov/Econ Class

Mrs. Marks' Honors Gov/Econ

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About Me

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Florida and a Law degree from the University of Miami.

I practiced law for 25 years before becoming a full time classroom teacher in 2009.

I continue to be a licensed lawyer in Florida and I do still occasionally take on a case if I think it is important.

I became a teacher because of my work as a volunteer for the Florida Supreme Court’s Justice Teaching Project.   Through this project I taught public school children about the legal documents and cases which have shaped the creation, history and government of our great nation. I was shocked when I discovered how little most school children knew about the creation of our country and government. I discovered a passion for sharing my own knowledge of American History, American Government and the landmark Supreme Court cases which serve as the foundation of our American Law. It was those experiences that led me to leave the full time practice of law and become a classroom teacher.

I am Certified to teach Social Studies for grades 6-12, I have the GIfted Education Endorsement, and am rated a Highly Qualified teacher by the Florida Department of Education.


Mrs. Marks Teaching Philosophy

While it may seem old fashioned, nothing gives me greater joy than to be in a classroom bringing a concept to life. I use everything I can - technology, food, music, art, and even costumes - to immerse my students in a subject and make it fun and interesting. I strive to show my students that learning about history, their government and economics can help them to become America’s future leaders and decision makers. I truly love teaching and believe that passion for the subject matter is the key to engaging students. If I don’t love it, how can I expect my students to?

I have great respect for our country, our flag, and our government and I expect the same of my students. I also believe students must show respect in the classroom; not just for the teacher, but most importantly, for each other, as well.  My classroom is a place for differing viewpoints and philosophies. No one is allowed to belittle another's point of view, whether it be political, intellectual, or spiritual/religious.  Everyone gets a chance to speak in my class and everyone else must show respect to the speaker.  

A classroom is a community and I foster a sense of friendship and support in my classes.  In these learning communities we all succeed when we work together to accomplish mastery of a concept or a topic.  If we are all informed, we are better able to help each other to learn.

Finally, I believe people grow stagnant unless they continue to learn, so I have never stopped my own education. I attend seminars and workshops throughout the school year and usually travel to some historic landmark or to Washington DC every year for in depth learning that will improve my ability to teach in the classroom and deliver new lessons to my students. I have travelled to many places in America and other countries throughout my life and believe that travel is the greatest teacher.  I intend to continue my education for the rest of my life and I hope to instill that desire in my students, as well.

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Class Rules info:
I have few rules in my classroom, but I expect them to be followed implicitly.  For the details, please go to  the Documents page of this website to view and download the letter which all students must print out and hand in to me by the end of the first week they are in my class.